Saunas for You and Your family

sauna wandex

We offer a wide range of dry and steam saunas, made in the Finnish technology for professional, public and domestic use.

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Sauna cleanses the body and soul!

Sauna is an investment in a better and healthier life. If you experience once this amazing feeling of relaxation, which gives a sauna, you can use it, not so much an indispensable part of life, as natural need to have her as close as possible...

Sauna Wandex

wnętrze sauny

Proven technology, careful selection and choice of high quality materials give a guarantee of comfort and safety. As the only company in Poland we make saunas and steam baths with curved glass. Types and dimensions of the booths are tailored to individual needs of users giving them any shapes. We can enter the cabin in any room, even using up a small area. Each cabin is equipped with the necessary equipment: an electric or wood heater, the system controlling the room, accessories and furniture associated with the sauna. Saunas designed and built by specialists of our company is backed by the highest security guarantees hygiene approvals and a beautiful look you will enjoy for many years.

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