sauna infrared

SAUNA INFRARED - infrared radiation

Similar to the thermal energy that our body produces in order to maintain adequate body warmth. Conditions in the infrared cabin allows for daily use to anyone regardless of age and physical condition.


Deep penetrating infrared heat - infrared has a positive effect on the restoration of vitality, immunizes the body to infection and improves mood.

wykres infrared sauna infrared


Elevated temperature and infrared radiation of INFRARED cabins not only helps get rid of many diseases, but also:

  • removes from the body fat and toxic compounds, which cause the formation of cellulite
  • helps to clean the skin, as well as its better blood supply
  • increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, radiant heat warms deep muscle tissue and internal organs, which increases heart rate (eg. preparing the body for exercise)
  • relieves pain in the musculo-skeletal system and reduces muscle tension states and their regeneration
  • reduces tension and stress (antidepressant effect)


sauna infrared i beczką kąpielowa The source of heat is sand, heated by electrical resistive coil in it closed. This is the same kind of heat, which we enjoy during the summer.

In the cabin INFRARED , our body is heated directly, so that does not bear the loss of energy.

The relatively small size, low power consumption and the fact that the cabin does not produce a damp (not the phenomenon of liquefaction of water) makes it can be installed in homes, schools, sports clubs and boarding houses, without any restrictions.

By using infrared technology, almost 100% of thermal energy in the infrared sauna is directly absorbed through the skin.