Color therapy in the sauna

kolor czerwony w saunie


The color of love, stimulating our senses and delivers energy to the body. Hormone leads to revolution, perfectly works on grief and blues, causes circulating blood in our veins, "gathers speed" as a result of this expansion are the blood vessels and oxygen transported in the blood reaches all organs with increased force.

 Red in the sauna helps with rheumatic diseases and lack of appetite.

sauna oświetlona niebieskim kolorem


Although this is the color of feeling cold, on the other hand has a calming effect on the nervous system. Like the blue sea water, so the sauna in the color of a similar pattern like the herb lemon balm soothes our senses awake and relieve nervousness.

This allows us to forget about the problems and also it has a positive effect on our health, especially for diseases of the throat and rheumatism.

zielony kolor w saunie


Green is the color of hope, we associate with a gentle touch of soft grass. Its operation focuses primarily on the nervous system and organs of the senses, especially vision. The color green soothes nerves, facilitates sleep and aids the proper functioning of the eyes.

In addition, green speeds healing, prevents states of inflammation body, cure disease and allergic skin reactions and lowers blood pressure.

sauny z żółtym oświetleniem


This is the color of our star - the Sun, thus we associate with warm sunshine. The ideal color of rest in the sauna. Because the color is very vivid, it can stimulate the mind, provide positive emotions, and joy.

Yellow health aspect revealed its supportive action in the treatment of tuberculosis.