Sauna and salt

Salt in the sauna is one way to improve our health, and at the same decorative element for lazy time we spent in the sauna.

Salt is one of the most important elements of the climate of our saunas.

sól w saunie sauny z ławą solną sauna z panelem solnym

The salts which are used in the sauna have a soothing effect on our senses and affect the mood perfectly.
The Himalayan and kłodawska salt, conducive to negative air ionization, enriching bath in the sauna for elements such as iodine, sodium, potassium, bromine and calcium .
The action of salt in the sauna effect primarily patency of the upper and lower respiratory tract, especially for people suffering from nasal congestion, sore throat or other infections.
In addition, a useful therapeutic agent for asthma, as well as help in the fight against invading micro-system respirator.

Being in the sauna equipped with crumbs salt may be the remedy to the problems of snoring ora bay. They give you relax in the sauna capsule pleasant experience combined with the beneficial effect of salt on our health.

ława solna - sauna fińska

Salt sauna microclimatic

Innovative development of PPH WANDEX connecting elements in one cabin and a salt cave sauna, Finnish sauna or combi. Each sauna salt is formed on the basis of individual projects and solutions to meet the needs and capabilities intended surface. The microclimatic cabin comes with a number of elements using Himalayan salt, freely composed and adapted to the configuration of the sauna. Components built with crumbs salt increase the health impact of sauna bathing by negative air saturation trace elements and minerals that affect the improvement of the functioning of our body. Components such as sauna benches, lamps, wall fragments using salt are the ideal material for illumination. Tune up the natural form of salt crystals from deposits formed during the Himalayan 400ml BC Penetrating the salt gently diffused light gives the interior a unique sauna, relaxing atmosphere of the senses. Walls built of salt blocks, Himalayan salts are deposited in a wooden structure specially designed for this purpose.

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