Aromatherapy in the sauna

Essential oils to the sauna is a true gift of nature, the richness of sensual scents, ambrosia to our senses. This is different essences of plants, medicinal herbs based on, have a beneficial influence on our mood. The heat which offers a sauna, in combination with the mild fragrance of essential oils is a real comfort of rest, which satisfies our sense of smell the wonderful aroma of the gifts of nature. In this way, relax in the sauna will be somewhat a reflection of rest in the bosom of nature - a stroll in the fragrant spruce forest or the freshly cut green grass.

Essential oils in the sauna, and their impact on our health

horsetail - skin diseases, rheumatism, blood circulation disorders
valerian - insomnia, nervous exhaustion, stress
birch - rheumatism, dandruff, hair loss
eucalyptus - colds, catarrh, rheumatism
fennel - bronchitis, coughing, nervousness
ginseng - depression, exhaustion
wild free - colds - flu, rheumatism, preventive
hop - anxiety, nervous disturbances of sleep, stress
chamomile - colds, diseases of the mouth, nose and throat, insomnia, body care
pine - bronchitis, respiratory catarrh, nervousness, rheumatism, insomnia
lavender - exhaustion, nervousness, insomnia, care of the whole body
linden blossom - colds, flu, strengthen immunity
melissa - anxiety, insomnia, neuralgia, stress
peppermint - nausea, nausea, digestive disorders
sage - catarrh, mucosal inflammation throat, cough, care of the whole body
plantain - bronchitis, respiratory catarrh
thyme - susceptibility to atmospheric changes, bronchitis, colds, catarrh pertussis
crime - bronchitis, rheumatism