Steam bath has its roots in the Roman baths and Turkish steam bath. Wandex company, based on the patterns of Turkish steam baths, and combining them with their own undeniable experience, offers unique designs of Hammam bath.

Acrylic Hammam

Acrylic steam meets the highest requirements for commercial interiors. Allows use of additional equipment which allows the use of conventional treatments for the hammam or mud bath.
łaźnia turecka - hamman

Most baths are used marble floors, benches and chairs and bathtubs and swimming pools made of mosaics. The most important part of the Turkish bath is a hot room, which in its center contains a heated stone platform. Steam bath in a bath begins with a warm up your body, bringing them to sweating, lying or sitting on the benches for about 15-20 minutes. The same effect can be achieved by using the hot streams of water. Quintessential stay in hammam there are provided a vigorous massages and treatments such as peeling, which is to remove keratinized epidermis and consisting of rubbing massage with fragrant oils.

łaźnia turecka - hamman