Ceramic steam bath

łaźnia ceramiczna Steam Bath made of ceramic proposed by Wandex, is a combination of tradition and modernity in innovative shapes and a unique arrangement.

A variety of ceramic systems form a single, unique whole, giving the bath a unique and beautiful appearance.

The minimum size of baths designed by Wandex is the area for 4 people. Due to the relatively compact size is ideal for use in home and commercial areas.

Construction of our baths are based on some special monolithic elements.

The ceiling is resistant to temperature conversion. You can install emergency lighting in a baths ceiling starry sky or other led light.
łaźnia wodna łaźnia parowa

We provide baths with a unique interior decorated with a mosaic created by our company. Projects developed based on the visions and dreams of our clients backed by our experience and know-how, are the quintessence of good taste and high quality product. Individual reference to each create a steam bath is possible thanks to the fine ceramics, resulting from the manual method of production, characterized by a wide range of colors and shades. Unique mosaics arranged with very small elements - pixels offer unlimited possibilities of color and interior wet baths arrangement. Designing the interior of the Roman steam bath, or hammam, all components are closely matched to the whole of the interior and form a coherent composition. The culmination of baths is self-supporting shaped ceiling or arch with the possibility of installing "starry sky", which consists a set of optical fibers and Swarovski crystals made in the image of the constellation of stars in the night sky.
łaźnia wodna łaźnia parowa łaźnia ceramiczna