Steam bath

Steam bath today is a modern, aesthetically-looking room filled with steam, in which each of us can experience the blissful moments of relaxation. Wandex offers you the highest quality, meeting stringent safety standards steam made of acrylic and ceramic.

łaźnia Other popular names of steam bath is a Roman Steam bath and Hammam .

Advantages of bath in the steam bath:

Systematic use of bath hardens the body, thus increasing resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

łaźnia parowa łaźnia wodna

Steam bath has its roots in the Roman baths and Turkish hammam. We design and produce steam for commercial and home in different technologies, broken down by type: acrylic, acrylic - ceramic tile. We individually design interiors and steam bath with ceramic and glass mosaics.

We make steam baths:

łaźnia ceramiczna wandex MUD BATHS
Pleasant skin firming mud using algae and minerals.
Oriental bath where the temperature is 45-50 ° C and humidity reaches 100%. Translated from the Turkish word hammmam represents the bathroom or toilet.
CALDARIA (55 – 75°C)
Steam bath enriched with aromatherapy essential oils.
TEPIDARIUM (35 – 45°C)
Heated Floor room, which appeared in the Roman public baths.
SANARIA (45 – 55°C)