Sauna and steam bath Wandex

We are a Polish company with a passion for creating the finest products for the surface of the spa, health club and sauna and steam bath. In our company work the best specialists of consulting, design, production, caring for it to provide you with the highest quality product, perfect in every detail, together with professional advice and efficient service.
Our offer includes a full range of products such as: sauna, steam room and Roman bath, sauna heaters, showers, head shower, accessories for sauna and bath, barrel saunas, jacuzzi, infrared cabin. WANDEX company specializes in consulting, designing, manufacturing and importing their devices broader range of equipment needs for recreational space, spa, wellness as well as the needs of domestic bathing rooms.

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We recommend saunas, steam baths, jacuzzi

Steam bath, dry sauna, infrared cabin (infrared sauna) will provide you with a unique experience, because it will be created for you, it will be a unique product, characterized by a unique solution to the size and shape. It is you who can manage the process of designing and assembling your sauna, steam bath or the entire surface wet room or bathroom with a wide range of solutions most appropriate for your equipment and décor. We also take care of the best features of these surfaces.

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Safety of Wandex products

All our products have certificates required in the European and Polish market. Each of our sauna and steam bath, before leaving the production hall of validation is subjected to process in accordance with applicable in our company quality system ISO. Designed and fitted by our company surface spa, sauna or bathing room for years are an oasis of tranquility, relaxation and health.

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Sauna center's projects

Exclusive INFRARED sauna cabins are uniques because they are made from high quality materials. Finnish sauna is not only a high temperature, mild climates is also a steam bath, solarium, swimming in the fumes of herbs and flowers treated with the extraction of condensed steam. Every order from smallest to largest is always carried out by individual project taking into account your needs and size. We prepare the sauna as well as other solutions for rooms with slants, basements, small areas like bathrooms and spa complex solutions for commercial use.

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Commerial SPA with low budget

WANDEX specializes in the development and implementation of the SPA both in terms of commercial space (regardless of size) as well as households. We offer a professional program and the comprehensive implementation of the arrangement of recreational space, to plan for our customers the best solutions features and functionality. Projects combine an innovative approach to product created using precious materials and high-quality facilities and ensuring the safety and ergonomics. All the solutions realize a thoughtful way, using every inch of the surface of the SPA, which helps to reduce spending on investment. Huge experience and know-how of our employees allow to minimize operating costs and depreciation of financial investments as soon as possible.