Shower experience

     Made in the latest technology and a beautiful Italian-style shower experience perfectly stimulates the senses. This is a set consisting of a variable as spray at that LED lighting, aromatic essences of the dispensing device and system control programs work. Flat head shower with a special design allows for different types of streams, depending on the selected program ex.: warm tropical rain, cold arctic jet massage or gentle sensual mist spraying the entire body achieved through special nozzles. In addition, these experiences are compounded head shower with built-in points of light. Colored light fills the entire space around the shower giving a beautiful effect:
Blue - color of depth, sky and sea, indicates the reason, truth and transparency, promotes introspection, tranquility and relaxation deepens.
Red - color of fire, joy and celebration, but also blood and passion. Adds energy and stimulates sexuality.
Green - color of nature, balance and life. Its harmony has a calming effect on the nervous system.